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All You Need to Know About Saliva Drug Test Kits


Saliva drug test is one of the less expensive as well as less complicated drug tests that inspire many employers to resort to it. Ease of use and reliability are the two hallmarks of quality kits for carrying out oral drug tests.

Oral drug tests are simple and they are carried out by using a strip or swab that is saddened with the saliva from the mouth of the candidate who is to face the drug test. Kits that are used for oral drug tests are not only easy to use but are also quite accurate as well as reliable in nature.

Working Components for Oral Drug Test

Prospective candidates may do well to learn about how the kit works. Basic components of the kit are as follows.

  • Sample collecting component in the kit.
  • Testing component in the kit.

The working process of the kit is as follows.

  • Saliva samples are collected on a piece of sponge.
  • Candidate to be tested must not have either food particles or liquids in his or her mouth while giving the saliva for test.
  • When drug traces are present in the saliva the color of the kit will change.


Types of Drugs Detected in Oral Test

Through oral drug tests and using the kit for the purpose drugs in the following five groups can be easily detected.

  • Amphetamines group that contains speed, methamphetamines as well as amphetamines.
  • Cannabinoids group that contains items like hash and marijuana.
  • Cocaine group that contains benzoylecognine and crack etc.
  • Opiates group that contains items like heroin, morphine, codeine, and opium.
  • Phencyclidine.


Conducting the Test

Before being able to pass saliva drug test the first step in conducting the test is collection of saliva from the mouth of the candidate through either swabbing or by spitting. With the spit sample the administrator can conduct multiple tests. No laboratory environment is necessary for conducting the test and these tests can be conveniently conducted at home though at times clinics are used for the purpose. The entire process takes only a few minutes and after that the saliva is placed for clinical examination.


Who Conducts the Tests?

Usually oral drug tests are conducted by employers of different types and even public authorities, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and at times by the parents and guardians to know the status of drug abuse by the person concerned.


Purpose of Using the Kit

Oral drug test kit is used for various purposes but the most important one is employment screening. The test is carried out as one of the pre-employment screening of the prospective employees. This is in pursuance with the Federal Government approved policy of drug free workplace and guidelines issued by the Department of Labor in United States.

Passing an oral drug test is easier comparatively as the drug traces remain present in saliva for 72hours at the maximum in case of occasional user and up to three weeks in case of regular user. But home remedies for passing a drug test is not the solution as they fail in most cases. Instead using quality products for detoxifying the saliva like the Supreme Klean ultra detox mouthwash could be the best way for the prospective candidate facing the drug test.