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How to get through hair and oral drug test


When you apply for any job post it may or may not ask you to give drug test, depending on the kind of job you applied for. If you are asked to take a drug test as part of screening, then it might create trouble for you. It will be more painful job if you have to give hair drug test. Reason being that it can detect the presence of drug metabolites, for very long term.

Hair follicle drug test is tough to beat. Candidates who are going to face upcoming hair drug test, need to prepare themselves before test in order to create a scope for them to pass it. It is considered to be very accurate one. You can try whole lot of things and may still create a result as positive. It can be quite distressing for deserving candidates.

Procedure of hair drug test:

The hair follicle drug test, also known as hair sample drug test is prevalent technique to detect the presence of drug metabolites in your body. The drug after ingestion gets deposited in the form of metabolites on the hair shaft. They are very tightly bound on the inner layers of the hair strands. Many drugs like cocaine, marijuana, meth etc. retain for very long time on the shaft.

How to pass a hair drug test is the question that remains unanswered for many candidates. Here are few steps that if followed can maximize your chances of passing the test.

1)    Shaving your body can prove magical for you: If not a single hair is present on your body then they can’t take this test, because at least half inches hair should be present to check for metabolites.

2)    Use Detox products: They can eliminate the metabolites out of your hair. The point to be noted here is that the metabolites are never totally flushed using any detox product, they just get tightly bound to the shaft so that while inserted in testing solution they do not get mixed with the solution. Hence they cannot be detected.

3)    Never use the products that can be easily detected during the tests, always try to avoid the things that can create doubts in mind of the authorities.

Passing an oral drug test:

Just like the hair follicle drug test it is also bit difficult to pass the saliva drug test, if you are regular user. You cannot tamper the sample of your saliva. Only way out is using a good quality detox products that can eliminate the metabolites from your mouth for few hours.

Before going for a test, drink the Supreme Klean Detox mouthwash. Drink before 30 minutes, not more than that, because if done so, the effect might reduce. It will leave your mouth fresh and free of metabolites. So now you can easily pass this drug test.  http://www.passusa.com

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