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This is my success story and I would like to share it with all of you. I used to be an advocate of detox diets over detox kits. But not anymore! It’s not that I have failed a drug test after going through a detox diet. I have just come across a lot of positive points in favor of the detox kits over a detox diet plan. More details here:

My brother also has a role to play in this story. He has always been my inspiration and seeing him go through a detox diet, I used to think of detox diets to be 100 % result oriented. Only later did I find out how the detox diet took a toll on him and made him weak. Limited dose of protein reduced his fatigue and my athletic brother lost his physique and composure in just a matter of 7 days. We learn from our mistakes and sometimes we can learn from other’s mistakes. My brother didn’t trust detox kits back then. When he cleared his first job interview and passed the drug test, I had my faith restored on the detox diet only to find out that this time he had chosen a much better alternative. He didn’t have any side-effects this time and the difference was in the fact that he had chosen the detox kit over the detox diet. Having learnt from my brother the key to success in any field was to be confident. Confidence can only be a result when you are sure of your external agents like a drug test that can make or break your success story.

Confidence and Supreme Klean Total Body Cleanser made my story a success:

If you believe that there might be even a little scope for you to fail your drug test, plan beforehand if you want that confidence to stay with you. My brother recommended me to opt for the 14 day drug cleanse. It worked for him, it worked for me too and it can work for you. A shorter span of a drug cleanse might be ineffective sometimes when there is a huge overdose of a certain drug. Plus the 14 day drug cleanseserves to detoxify all kind of different drugs. As you must know, different drugs stay in the body for different spans of time. So you can’t predict accurately whether you will be positive in a drug test or not. 14 day drug cleanse removes all traces of every drug even if you are a heavy drug user. I now am working as a manager in a convenience store and I have been promoted recently for my confidence. This confidence hasn’t died out even after going through two drug tests. Thanks to Supreme Klean Total Body Cleanser for being a reliable and affordable solution. The first step to farsightedness for anything big in your life is to plan ahead and maybe 14 days is all you need.

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